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We focus on promoting your pet’s health so that it may live a long and healthy life.
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About Southside Veterinary Clinic

The Southside Veterinary Clinic has been in business since June of 1982, serving Bixby, Broken Arrow, Glenpool, Haskell, Jenks, Mounds, and the surrounding communities. It is our desire to welcome your new puppy or new kitten into your home and give them a healthy start to the life that they share with you.

When you find yourself facing health or behavior concerns about your cat or dog, we are here to help you find the answers. Southside Veterinary Clinic offers a fully stocked pharmacy to treat your sick or aging pets. We are equipped to do your dog or cat’s dental cleaning, x-rays, and routine spay and neuter as well as other surgeries. Please call for scheduling and details. New clients are always welcome!

Leaving town and need someone to look after your pets? We board animals in our kennel here at the clinic! Daily walking, nail trim, medication given before they head home are all available at a small additional fee. Call to schedule, or stop by to tour our boarding kennel! If you would like to save time when you drop them off, please print our boarding agreement form and fill it out before you get here.

As time passes and your pet comes into the golden years of life, the Southside Vet Clinic is here to assist you in making decisions about senior care. Geriatric blood profiles are available for early diagnosis of diabetes, liver, and kidney disease. Good pain management enriches the quality of life and your time together. If the time comes and you are faced with the difficult decision of humane euthanasia, we will treat you and your pet with the utmost respect and dignity. If you are not able to bury your dog or cat at home, we can arrange to have them cremated.

Dr. Boomer and Dr. Wadsworth along with the professional staff at Southside Veterinary Clinic are committed to providing your dog or cat with the very best medical care possible. We focus on promoting your pet’s health so that it may live a long and healthy life.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Alisa Boomer

About Dr. Boomer

Dr. Boomer is a dedicated and passionate veterinarian with a lifelong fascination for medicine and a deep love for animals. Her journey into veterinary medicine began in high school when she started volunteering as a kennel tech, an experience that solidified their determination to pursue a career in veterinary care. Throughout her academic journey, she volunteered in hospitals, eventually earning her degree from OSU’s esteemed vet school. Driven by a genuine devotion to animals, Dr. Boomer is not just a skilled professional but also a devoted toddler mom, cat mom, and dog mom, juggling the demands of their furry and human family members. Dr. Boomer believes in a client-centered approach, working closely with pet owners to find the best solutions for their pets’ well-being. She has a particular interest in managing behavioral cases, such as anxiety. She also has expertise in surgical procedures and diagnostic imaging techniques like X-rays and ultrasounds. In her free time, Dr. Boomer enjoys exploring Bixby with their daughter, indulging in creative pursuits like sketching and painting, practicing yoga, volunteering at their church, and getting lost in the pages of a good novel.


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