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Hip Dysplasia

• Hip dysplasia has a genetic (inherited) basis, involving multiple genes
• Development of hip dysplasia determined by an interaction of genetic and environmental factors
• Medical therapy is designed to relieve signs (known as “palliative therapy”); it does not “cure” the disease, because the joint instability is not corrected
• Joint deterioration or degeneration often progresses, unless a corrective orthopedic surgical procedure is performed early in the disease
• Surgical procedures can salvage hip-joint function once severe joint deterioration or degeneration occurs


Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)

• “Arthritis” is the medical term for inflammation of the joints; “osteoarthritis” is a form of joint inflammation (arthritis) characterized by long-term (chronic) deterioration or degeneration of the joint cartilage
• Progressive and permanent deterioration of joint cartilage
• Also known as “degenerative joint disease” or DJD