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Puppy Behavior Problems

• For the most part, these problems include behaviors that are normal and common to most puppies, but they are not acceptable to the family
• The undesirable behaviors require some degree of modification by training and “shaping” to become acceptable; “shaping” is a behavioral technique that gradually directs the puppy to the desired behavior—the puppy is rewarded for a response that is similar to the desired behavior in a stepwise fashion, until the desired behavior is accomplished
• Training problems include destructive chewing, play biting, jumping on people, and getting on counters or furniture


Periodontal Disease

• Periodontal disease is the most common infectious disease in dogs and cats
• Periodontal disease can lead to infection in other areas of the body and may cause heart, liver, and or kidney disease
• Professional dental cleaning and home care are essential for prevention of periodontal disease
• Your pet’s veterinarian will discuss home care and available products and will provide instructions for their use


Bad Breath

• Bad breath or halitosis is a sign; it is an offensive odor coming from the mouth
• Bad breath (halitosis) generally indicates an unhealthy mouth
• Once the specific cause of the bad breath (halitosis) is known, direct therapy at correcting the underlying cause
• Ensure good oral health by professional and home dental care (such as brushing teeth) to decrease bad breath (halitosis)