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Aggression in Dogs

~ Action taken by one dog directed against a person or another animal, with the result of harming, limiting, or depriving that person or animal; aggression may be offensive or defensive
~ Offensive aggression—unprovoked response directed toward a person or another animal in order to control access to some resource (such as food or toys) at the expense of that person or animal; includes social status/dominance aggression, possessive aggression; intermale (that is, between two males) aggression and interfemale (that is, between two females) aggression, and predatory aggression; common targets are familiar people or animals
~ Defensive aggression—aggression is directed toward a person or another animal perceived as an instigator or threat; includes fear-motivated, territorial, protective, irritable (pain-associated or frustration-related), and maternal aggression; common targets are unfamiliar people or animals